For Artists

Tipping Paint Artists is a group of artists that have worked together since 2009 planning and hanging exhibits, marketing, community outreach, and supporting and encouraging each other in our artistic endeavors. In 2014, the group found a great new location in the Warehouse District where we opened Tipping Paint Gallery in January. Our mission is two-fold: to exhibit quality art on a year-round basis and to continue to strive for personal artistic growth.

Tipping Paint Gallery is basically business by democracy. Tipping Paint Artists, LLC serves as the Board which handles the major business decisions, such as insurance, lease and other financial matters, chairs committees, and has voting rights. We have been successful because we are involved and willing to do whatever it takes for continued success. All artists are expected to actively participate in one or more committees to assure the continued success of our gallery.

If you are a working artist looking for gallery space and wish to join a unique community, Tipping Paint Artists invites you to submit your work for consideration to

  • Exhibition space in an established location in the center of downtown Raleigh’s art community
  • Exhibit 3-5 pieces each month; work is hung where it works best for aesthetic purposes
  • Have your portfolio on view
  • Share in group advertising, stretch your marketing time and dollars (included in the monthly fee)
  • Networking opportunities – we are members of Downtown Raleigh Alliance, Shop Local Raleigh, Downtown Living Advocates and individual members of Visual Art Exchange (two of our members serve on VAE’s Board)
  • Personal page on our website:
  • Be a part of printed material (brochure & postcards)
  • Community calendar for shows and exhibition opportunities


Membership comes with certain expectations and responsibilities. Tipping Paint Gallery is a great place to sell your work. To keep the gallery running smoothly, members are required to comply with the following:

  • Monthly fee due the first of every month to cover rent and our advertising budget – continuous media exposure is our marketing goal: we have paid advertising commitments with Triangle Art Guide and Downtown Raleigh Alliance Map; we maintain an active mailing list and we produce direct mailings quarterly. In addition, we participate in free online and print advertising. We have developed relationships with several media outlets.
  • Serve on a committee
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Contribute to our email list and mailing list
  • Follow all gallery guidelines for hanging and FF
  • Membership commitment of 6 months required

All new members enter on a provisional 6 month contract with all of the work and payment requirements listed but do not having voting rights. Following the probationary period, they may be voted in as full members of Tipping Paint Artists LLC. If they choose to join, they will pay a one-time buy-in, $100 of which goes to their capital account.